It may not be the world’s longest river, or even the longest in North America (Just beaten in length by the Missouri), but at 2,202 miles and with most of the river traversable on a single voyage, the Mighty Mississippi can claim to host the world’s longest river cruise.

We calculate this extraordinary voyage, from Red Wing in Minneapolis to New Orleans in Louisiana, covers approximately 1,800 miles as the river flows and winds, and you can experience the world’s longest river cruise on the world’s largest and most iconic paddlewheelers too.

A quintessential bucket-list adventure, ‘The Mighty Mississippi’ cruise takes 16-days, includes a pre-cruise hotel night in Red Wing, and is operated on a choice of vessels in August 2021 and September 2022. Choose between American Queen, American Duchess and our latest paddlewheeler, launching this year, American Countess (read our blog on which paddlewheeler is right for you).


American Queen on the Mighty Mississippi

This 16-day journey not only covers a significant distance across North America that takes in the heart and cultures of the Mississippi and her banks, but also features some incredible destinations to visit en route, a number of which were explored by Jane McDonald on her recent television show ‘Jane McDonald: Cruises USA’.

Highlights on the Mighty Mississippi cruise include:

Winona, Minnesota: Explore one of the most beautiful places in the country. Nestled in the covered limestone river bluffs of the Mississippi River, Winona is full of culture and Americana. This historic city – filled with incredible museums, galleries and parks – is also where J.R. Watkins has produced its fine natural products for over 150 years. Take a trip to the Minnesota Marine Art Museum, and fall even more in love with the maritime lifestyle.

La Crosse, Wisconsin: This river town has a long-standing romance with the steamboat era, and as our paddlewheeler kisses its port, guests are welcomed by its eye-catching vistas and expansive waterfront park. Within its depths, La Crosse harbors a vibrant community; the cultural exchange among it and its six sister cities showcases a deep appreciation for enrichment through diversity. Influences from far-off destinations such as Bantry, Ireland, and Bavaria, Germany, woven into the history and charm of this scenic port, will certainly stir a traveler’s soul.


The Historic Banks of the Upper Mississippi

Hannibal, Missouri: Hannibal is a town of style and dignity that truly comes to life in the writings of Mark Twain. People, entities and livelihoods of Hannibal’s past endure within the pages of masterpieces such as “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and “Life on the Mississippi,” and the town’s preservation efforts allow our quests to step right onto the page where Twain left off. Today, the river stretches north toward country that’s almost as wild and beautiful as it must have been then, and, still enlivened by the coming and going of rivercraft, this exuberant port marks the start of adventure for all who visit.

Vicksburg, Mississippi: Vicksburg perfectly blends Southern culture and heritage with exciting modern attractions. Described as the key to the South by President Abraham Lincoln, this Southern town carries a history unlike any other Civil War city. Vicksburg was founded in 1811 and grew as a vital river port city. It was a major component to the Civil War and carries much of the history within the town. Today, Vicksburg is a popular spot for tourists to learn about the battles of the city, taste the cuisine, visit the many museums, and pick out the perfect souvenir.



Guests exploring the history of the American Civil War in Vicksburg

Natches, Mississippi: This charming river town was founded in 1716, making it the oldest city on the Mississippi. The city is known for its elegance, hospitality and impressive preservation of history found on every street corner. Enjoy the unique shops, restaurants, museums, and historical homes, all of which contribute to Hugh Bayless’ book “The 100 Best Towns in America.”

Memphis, Tennessee: Memphis is a city built on melody from the jazz dives and blues clubs of Beale Street to the Memphis Rock ‘N’ Soul Museum, Gibson Guitar factory, Sun Studio and the famous Stax Museum of American Soul Music. In a city of contrasts, the tragic but uplifting stories of the National Civil Rights Museum are balanced by the frivolity of the twice-daily march of the ducks at the Peabody Hotel. You will also have the chance to visit the resting place of Elvis Presley, his preserved home of ‘Graceland’.


American Queen berthed alongside Nottoway Plantation House 

Nottoway Plantation, Louisiana: Nottoway is the South’s largest, most glorious remaining antebellum mansion, with a rich history dating back to 1859. In a fabulous location along the Great River Road, this White Castle of the South transport’s visitors back to an era of glory and grandeur. Set among a natural backdrop of vibrant gardens and 200-year-old oak trees, the mansion boasts three floors and 64 rooms, and flaunts an incredible 22 white square columns.

Many travellers, having been grounded for a year now, are intending to return to travel in a big way. With research showing that people have been building up their passion to travel with plans for major trips and life-stage holidays. Not only this, but they have been thinking about them for a year now.

And we can’t imagine anything much bigger than the world’s longest river cruise on the world’s largest river steamboat. And with exceptional savings of up to £1,000 per person and a free beverage package worth around £600, now is a very good time to book.

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