Once you have taken the decision to add an authentic American Queen Voyages sailing to your future travel plans, the next decision is which paddlewheeler to choose? We have four beautiful river boats in our truly authentic collection that all share signature features and appointments, but also have their own personality, flair and highlights. So we have prepared a simple guide to help you in making that all important choice.  


Why choose the American Queen paddlewheeler?  

 American Queen is the grandest paddlewheeler steamboat ever built and is our flagship vessel. Launched in 2012, she offers authentic and timeless experiences inspired by the palatial Mississippi steamboats of the Mark Twain era! Boasting pure opulence and an iconic authenticity that will make travelling on her truly memorable. A true legend of the mighty Mississippi, choosing to sail on American Queen not only means reserving your place in American History, but also enjoying the comforts and amenities of her modern upgrades. Could this be the most magnificent way to traverse any river of the world? We certainly think so…

American Queen: Iconic, History, Opulent, Grand, Ultimate, Timeless

Why choose the American Countess steam paddlewheeler?    

The American Countess is the latest addition to the paddlewheeler fleet and willaccommodate 245-passengers. She will offer many of the same exciting heartland and Deep South itineraries as her sisters Stylistically she is different to her sisters, the American Countess cabins and interior design will have a sleek, modern design, offering guests the perfect place to relax and recharge in between delicious dining, premier shore excursions, Broadway-calibre performances and more all you’d expect from this cruise line. Guests on board American Countess will find her a home from home and guaranteed to fall in love.

American Countess: Modern design, Relax & Recharge, Sleek, Stylish, home from home

Why choose the American Duchess steam paddlewheeler?    

Spacious luxury awaits aboard the floating masterpiece that is the American Duchess. This boutique-style riverboat offers guests large accommodations, exquisite dining, luxurious amenities and beautiful decks for sitting or strolling. Relax in one of her airy suites, including the Loft Suites, which feature two stories enhanced by floor-to-ceiling windows, two full bathrooms, a comfortable dining area, a beautiful lounge with a queen sofa-bed, a private balcony and an upstairs bedroom. 

American Duchess: Cuisine, Loft Suites, Spacious decks, Luxury, Boutique

Why choose the American Empress steam paddlewheeler?    

The American Empress is truly a vessel of exploration; she cruises in different waters to her sisters, the breath-taking Columbia and Snake Rivers. At home in this fascinating destination, the American Empress skilfully takes her guests to unimaginable places throughout the Pacific Northwest. She has taken a piece of the world around her and harnessed it within. Tones of mahogany act as accents, and spectacles of artistry capture the cultures and history of the region. Each port offers an array of experiences that define the region. From coastal Astoria to the high desert in Clarkston, you will be mesmerised by the views in each incredible space aboard this beautiful vessel.

American Empress: Exploration, Discovery, Culture, Nature, Elegant

American Empress paddlewheeler leaving Stevenson
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