Top 5 reasons we love American river cruising

Cruise along the historic rivers of America in our steam-powered authentic paddlewheel riverboats. Our flagship American Queen is the largest overnight passenger steamboat ever built. Our paddlewheelers bring new life to tradition and offer guests the full experience of stepping into history through american river cruising.

2. Masterful regional cuisine

Our culinary team passionately create dishes with locally sourced ingredients and are filled with regional flavours. Savour mouthwatering canapes as a prelude to casual and sophisticated cuisine in distinctive venues. Each of our vessels holds a magnificent main dining room, the staff serving dishes with varied cultural and culinary influences of America. Casual dining can be enjoyed in a casual alternative venue for breakfast and lunch. 

3. Live, Daily entertainment and enrichment

Each vessel has a palatial space for live musical performances and entertainment. Enjoy, Broadway calibre entertainment, big-screen films events, historical talks and smooth piano instrumentals.

4. Immersive shore excursions

Our award-winning shore excursions programme is the main attraction of our cruising experience. Our hand-crafted excursions are available at every port of call and provide a range of activity from scenic tours to wine-tasting. All of our premium excursions offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and rare experiences to enhance the american river cruising experience. Enjoy excursions from the Premium Elvis experience tour to world to the iconic Grand Ole Opry show.

5. Warm hospitality

The fabulous crew on-board are committed to giving guests passengers the ultimate experience and are always friendly and ready to assist. Each crewmember contributes to making our vessels run smoothly and provide a charming experience for each and every guest. There is a family-like atmosphere onboard creating a comforting and relaxing american cruising experience for all guests.

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