It’s no secret that those who love to cruise, will often have a cruising bucket-list too. Destinations, ships, themes and discoveries to tick off and a notion so vividly brought to the screen by the wonderful Jane Mcdonald (who previously travelled with us for her show ~ watch here), where she explores the many experiences available when traversing the oceans and rivers of the world.

And one such experience that is reaching ever higher on the bucket-list for many, is the authentic Mississippi Paddlewheeler cruise. And our ‘Mighty Mississippi’ American River cruise blends all the best components of bucket-list cruising into one extraordinary journey.

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Watch landscapes, cultures and even language transform as we cruise along the Mississippi river from Minneapolis to New Orleans abroad our fleet of luxury vessels – each new experience is as rare and beautiful as the last. Traversing the entire Mississippi River is a venture, a true bucket-list experience. On a Mighty Mississippi journey, travellers find dazzling adventure, an escape from the ordinary and the glowing romance of the steamboat era.

Your voyage will be guided by our expert ‘Riverlorians’ (Expert historians of the river) and you’ll learn about fascinating history, voyage through varying cultures and all the while enjoy sumptuous and regionally inspired cuisine, which is a way of life on the river.

AQ on the Mississippi

World class American cuisine

The moment you step aboard in Minneapolis, after a hotel stay, you know this is something special. You’re surrounded by world-class art, beautiful furnishings and perfectly selected amenities. You’re welcomed by crew and staff whose sole desire is your comfort, enjoyment and safety.

And beyond that, you’ll connect with new sights, dialects, cultures and traditions. You’ll meet like-minded travelers who share stories and invite you to do the same. The familiarity of the space grows by the day – with every “good morning,” with each new friendship formed. Memories made on board are the finest souvenirs you’ll take home.

Guided land experiences & discoveries

Your time off the paddlewheeler will be a comprehensive discovery too. Guided shore excursions are the highlight of every day in port. Expect to connect with people who have made the rivers their home, to learn first-hand how the rivers shape their past and future. Each experience has been thoughtfully designed for you, whether you’re visiting a historic home such as the Nottoway Plantation, losing yourself in a local museum or delving into unique regional traditions and cultures.

We have multiple dates to experience this magnificent 16-day (Includes pre-stay) journey.

Call 01223 568904 for details or contact your travel agent

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