Roundtrip New Orleans - 10 Days

Roundtrip New Orleans Cruise Summary

From the legendary French Quarter to the picturesque garden district, overnight in the Big Easy of New Orleans for the perfect way to soak up the lively Creole atmosphere and indulge yourself in iconic cuisine, spiced with the cultural flavours of the city’s past.

Board your authentic paddlewheeler and cruise through ever-changing landscapes to the historic ports of the Lower Mississippi. Discover one of oldest settlements in the Florida Parishes, St. Francisville, said to be only two yards wide but two miles long.

In Nottoway, explore historic mansions filled with pre-Civil War history, and see for yourself why the elegance of Natchez inspired Hugh Bayless to include it in his book, “The 100 Best Towns in America.”

Described as the “Key to the South” by Abraham Lincoln, Vicksburg carries a history unlike any other Antebellum city, while Baton Rouge was made for exploring on our convenient hop-on-hop-off deluxe motorcoaches.




  • Two nights in New Orleans to experience the culture of this legendary city
  • Tour of the South’s largest remaining pre-Civil War era mansion, on an AQV exclusive visit to the Nottoway Plantation
  • Chance to extend your cruise for two more nights, on our Complete Memphis Experience



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Day-by-Day Itinerary



Day 1: Hotel Stay – New Orleans

Arrive at your hotel for your 2-night pre-cruise hotel stay in New Orleans.


Day 2: Hotel Stay – New Orleans

Enjoy your time in the ‘Big Easy’ at your leisure. Representatives from American Queen Voyages and our local port/city partner will be available to provide you with dining, entertainment and sightseeing options to maximise your time here.

Day 3: New Orleans

Today is the day you have been waiting for! Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey down America’s largest and most historical river. If you haven’t gotten your full dose of Memphis yet, visit the AQSC Hospitality Desk (Open at 8:30 AM) for ideas about how to spend your day. The official Voyage Check-In will be open from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. During this fast and easy procedure, our representatives will arrange your transfer to the vessel and answer any questions you might have. The process is simple and we will have you back to exploring in no time. If you think of any more questions, the Hospitality Desk will be at your service until 3:00 PM, when the complimentary boat transfers will begin. It’s then time to start your voyage and begin a luxurious voyage down the Mississippi River, where memories will be made that will last a lifetime!

Premium Shore Excursions

Experience the entire story of New Orleans on this exclusive excursion that provides a unique firsthand look into the history and culture of the city. From the iconic traditions that attract visitors from all over the world, to the coastal communities, wetlands, and wildlife that few have the opportunity to see, you’ll witness the totality of New Orleans unfold.  Soak in the sights of the city such as the French Quarter, Marigny, and City Park before venturing beyond the floodwalls to celebrate the ancestry and culture of the local Islenos fishing villages, with a delicious gulf-to-table lunch, freshly shucked oysters, and stories from a 5th-generation oysterman. Discover how the river and Hurricane Katrina forever shaped the city and get a rare look into the melting pot of history, culture, and progress that is, New Orleans.

Day 4: Scenic River Cruising

Watch small river towns and lush landscapes slowly become lost in the horizon as sunlight plays upon the deck. Take hold of a literary classic, curl up on a plush chair in a cozy corner and relish in the moment of tranquility. Experience the fulfilment that river cruising offers.

Day 5: St. Francisville

St. Francisville today is a testament to the lifestyle of a bygone era, with its cache of charming pre-war homes and striking architecture. With over 140 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, sprawling estates nestled in the countryside and bustling Main Street shops, this quaint port situated on the Mississippi has a style all its own. This oldest town in the Florida Parishes, St. Francisville has been called the town two miles long and two yards wide; it lies on a loessal ridge created by the dust storms of the Glacier Period.

Included Shore Excursions


Craft your own experience on our included Hop-On Hop-Off tours. The Hop-On Hop-Off model allows you to cater your experience to your specific interests, while local guides offer narration between each of the carefully curated attractions. These tours provide the perfect opportunity to become immersed in every town or city you visit. Best of all, each attraction is included for American Queen Voyages guests as a part of your cruise, so feel free to visit as many, or few, as your heart desires! Click the “Read More” button below to learn about this port of call’s included stops.

Premium Shore Excursions
Join us for an exclusive look inside the gates of one of America’s most infamous prisons as we embark on a tour of second chances, rehabilitation, and redemption. Experience the struggles of life-term inmates inside Angola Prison, formerly America’s most dangerous penitentiary. Today, Angola is known as a model facility and takes great pride in the faith-based rehabilitation of its inmates, most of whom will never regain their freedom. You’ll be taken inside the barbed-wire fences for an up-close look that may change what you thought you knew about life inside.


Transcend beyond the expectations of a “traditional” southern plantation tour on this visit to not one, but two plantations with a more personal touch and deep ancestral ties – Rosedown and Catalpa. Discover the life of the Turnbulls, who built Rosedown with stunning design, décor, and advanced utilities. With background knowledge of the family, you’ll meet their descendant, Mary Thompson, at Catalpa. Here, Mary will enthusiastically provide context for artifacts that may date back over a century as she guides you through her personal home, painting a picture of family life on the plantation throughout its history.

Day 6: Natchez, MS

Natchez is known for its elegance, hospitality, and impressive preservation of historic homes – found on every street corner. It seems as if history fell asleep and awoke unscathed by the changing of times in this magical port. Natchez is home to over 1,000 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Most of the homes survived the American Civil War and their history flows in abundance along the Mississippi. Natchez has a long and fascinating history, dating back to 1716, making her the oldest continuous settlement on the Mississippi. Even before Natchez was settled by Europeans, the area was home to the Natchez Indians, noted for being the only Mississippian culture with complex chiefdom characteristics to have survived long into the period after the European colonisation of America began.

Included Shore Excursions

Natchez Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

The Old South Trading Post  Be sure to bring your taste buds to this unique stop! Sample Southern muscadine juice, dips, salsas, jellies, cappuccinos, and coffees— all while you browse the huge assortment of items for sale. There’s something for everyone here, including a wide selection of books, candies, one-of-a-kind shirts, hats, souvenirs, drug store items, and even alligator items! Suggested Visit: 15 minutes

Rosalie Mansion  This magnificent mansion, an outstanding example of Federal style architecture, was built by a wealthy cotton planter in 1823. The Mississippi State Society Daughters of the American Revolution have since gained ownership and have been maintaining the house and grounds since 1938. On this self-guided tour, discover the history of the house and the artefacts found throughout. Suggested Visit: 30 – 45 minutes

Premium Shore Excursions
Home Hosted Visit with Ginger and James

The words “Southern hospitality” evoke images of ornate mansions flanked by arched porches and charming ladies offering warm smiles and stories of southern grandeur. Today, we will experience nothing less on this exclusive home-hosted visit to The Towers, one of Mississippi’s grandest and most elegant privately owned antebellum homes. Here, we will be welcomed like old friends by owners Ginger and James Hyland and guided through their personal home. Set on five manicured acres among ancient oaks, The Towers is a stunning estate of exceptional Italianate design with a rich past.

Silks, antique lace sheers, and magnificent draperies adorn the walls of The Towers, but unlike most historical homes, there are no roped-off rooms here. This is a one-of-a-kind experience where we’ll be free to explore the home as if we were members of the Hyland family. As we relax on the mansion’s back porch, sipping refreshing mint-infused champagne and soaking in the beauty of the perfectly maintained gardens, Ginger will share stories of her star-studded past. Ginger—the daughter of Lawrence A. Hyland, president of Hughes Aircraft Company and one of the men credited with the invention of radar—will share impressive tales of her past growing up in California, including accompanying her parents to Hollywood parties with Howard Hughes, Walter Matthau, and Jack Lemmon. As an adult, Ginger was able to create her own legacy as the first female president of the American Quarter Horse Association.

Ginger is a charismatic host, and will give us an intimate tour of her house, including rare and stunning glimpses of her trinkets and Victorian-era treasures hidden throughout the mansion. Each piece’s story is more interesting than the last. For instance, the set of goblets elegantly placed atop her antique tables were crafted by Ludwig Moser, famous glassware manufacturer for European royalty, while the place mats they rest upon were hand-crafted for Princess Grace. The intricate, original Carrickmacross lace wedding veil on display is an antique version of the one Kate Middleton wore during her extravagant wedding. Ginger and James’ passion for collecting is obvious, as they can recite the history of every piece on display, and welcome all questions with enthusiasm for the stories of the past.

Our tour ends in the sunny, enclosed back gallery, where will enjoy a delightful taste of southern comfort food during a casual, private visit hosted by the Hylands. We’ll get an exclusive taste of Southern flare as we indulge in scrumptious snacks, as we are introduced to Ginger and James’s dear friend Rene Adams (who also happens to be a renowned local chef). Chef Rene will entertain us with stories of the history of food in the Natchez area, including culinary secrets and authentic recipes.

After a champagne toast, our visit will come to an end, as we bid farewell to our new southern friends. Until next time!

All shore excursions, prices, and information are subject to change without notice.

Transportation: Provided
Duration: 2.5 hours

The Story of Cotton in the Antebellum South

Cross the river to Louisiana and visit historic Frogmore Plantation, designated a “Must See Site” by Rand McNally. Frogmore is the only historic & modern, 1800-acre working cotton plantation in the South. Take a seat on an original pew in an 1800s African American plantation church, as the mistress of Frogmore takes the audience back in time. Music fills the air as the “secret songs” are performed by local musicians. Enjoy the gospel songs and hear the narration about life on a cotton plantation.

Continue the experience exploring authentic slave cabins and cotton fields. Take a walk up to the fields and feel free to pick some cotton for a glimpse of the essence of life on a plantation. We encourage all to explore the historic steam engine cotton gin which the Smithsonian Institute states is the rarest of its kind in existence. After a complimentary beverage in the “Sharecropper Plantation Store,” contrast historical methods. On your return to Natchez, your guide will enlighten you with unusual cotton trivia and answer questions.

A visit to Longwood will complete the “Story of Cotton,” with a glimpse into the devastation caused by war and a changing America. This historic antebellum octagonal mansion is the largest of its shape in America. Also known as “Nutt’s Folly,” this unique mansion remains beautifully unfinished and stands symbolically in representation of the last burst of Southern opulence. A reminder of a time before war brought the cotton baron’s dominance to an end. After surviving decades of neglect and abandonment, Longwood stands strong today and is a can’t miss stop when visiting Natchez.

All shore excursions, prices, and information are subject to change without notice.

Transportation: Provided
Duration: 4 hours


Just outside the historic and quaint town of Natchez, Mississippi lies the beautiful Double C Ranch. Embark on an unparalleled outdoor adventure that will showcase a unique aspect of southern culture that you will remember forever. Saddle-up to your very own one- or two-person ATV and travel through the ranch, making stops along the way to participate in archery, tomahawk throwing, lassoing, and more! Be confident, this scenic ATV ride is appropriate for all ages — if you can drive a car, you can drive an ATV.

Note: Participants must wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. A signed liability waiver will be required.


Nature is calling! Strap into your lifejacket and grab a paddle for this relaxing kayaking tour through the still waters of an oxbow lake in Mississippi. Bask in the stunning scenery and fresh air as you glide across the glassy water–no prior experience is needed. Our expert guide will lead you through the pristine landscape, sure to point out any local wildlife that comes your way, such as great blue herons, egrets, ospreys and more!


Day 7: Vicksburg

Vicksburg perfectly blends Southern culture and heritage with exciting modern attractions. As a major battle site during the Civil War, this port carries a history unlike any other. Learn about the historic conflicts of the city, taste its cuisine, visit the many museums, and pick out the perfect souvenir. Vicksburg’s best-known contribution to history is probably the part she played in the American Civil War. It is the final resting place for 17,000 Union soldiers, 13,000 of whom are unknown. In 1899, the Vicksburg National Military Park was created to commemorate and preserve the infamous siege line and the historic heritage. Visitors can climb the 47 steps to the entrance of the marble Illinois Monument, featuring a domed roof, pillars, and sculpted bronze bald eagle.

Included Shore Excursions

Vicksburg Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

Church of the Holy Trinity  This incredible church spans over 125 feet long, 52 feet wide, and reaches 61 feet high to the apex of the ceiling, which was built of southern white pine to emulate Noah’s ark.  The church was constructed in Romanesque Revival style and finished in red brick. It also showcases zigzag tracery, which was highly unique to the style at the time. The Belgian slate roof is another amazing feature of the building, which began construction with the laying of the cornerstone in 1869. The 34 stained-glass windows, however, may be the main draw.  They were given as memorials and six of them were created by Tiffany Studios in New York under the supervision of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Premium Shore Excursions


Experience the site of one of the most pivotal battles in America’s history. Aptly described by President Lincoln as “the key to victory,” the Siege of Vicksburg was the Union Army’s crucial push to capture a vital strategic position during the American Civil War. Join this exclusive tour where you will travel the 16-mile road that weaves through Vicksburg National Military Park, with an included stop at the Illinois State Monument – the largest of the state monuments dedicated to the fallen soldiers of the Vicksburg campaign. You will also explore the USS Cairo Gunboat and Museum, the Vicksburg National Cemetery, and the Battlefield Visitor Center.

Day 8: Baton Rouge, LA

Named by French explorer, Sieur D’Iberville after a reddish pole marking two separate tribal hunting grounds, Baton Rouge, the Capital of Louisiana has rich cultural history. The city is home to Louisiana’s capitol building which is the tallest in the United States. Spend the day exploring all that Baton Rouge has to offer, from the museums and the architecture to the shops and the cuisine – everyone will enjoy an exciting, busy day!

Included Shore Excursions


USS Kidd (DD-661)
Just a short walk from the dock, guests can explore a Fletcher-Class Destroyer that fought in many battles in U.S. history. Named after Admiral Isaac C. Kidd, who died on the bridge of his flagship during Pearl Harbour, the USS Kidd has received eight battle stars for WWII service and four battle stars for Korean War service. This 2,050-ton, 376-foot-long vessel has since been converted into a museum, with exhibits of extensive collections of war artefacts, ship models, memorial hall, real fighter planes and bombers, and memorials.

Capitol Park Museum
This impressive museum showcases collections of visual arts, jazz, costumes, textiles, and artefacts from Louisiana history. It was founded in 1906 and holds over 450,000 artefacts and works of arts. Permanent exhibits include: “Experiencing Louisiana: Discovering the Soul of America,” and “Grounds for Greatness: Louisiana”. Rotating exhibits change frequently and can cover a range of different historical events.

Louisiana’s State Capitol
This prime example of Art Deco Architecture was extremely popular in the 1930’s and stands 450 feet tall. The building holds 34 floors making it the tallest state capital in the United States. Guests can admire the uniquely constructed rooms throughout the building or take a ride up to the 34th floor to the observation deck where an impressive panoramic view of the city can be found.

LSU Museum Of Art
Immerse yourself in the history of Louisiana and its culture through art at the LSU Museum of Art. Located on the fifth floor of the Shaw Centre for the Arts, the museum hosts a variety of historic and contemporary art exhibits as well as a vast permanent collection spanning the 1700s to present day with over 6,500 artworks on display year round. Paired with a variety of programming and an education space for families to explore, a visit to LSU MOA is perfect for all ages and interests.

LSU Rural Life Museum
Dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of materials from the cultures of 18th and 19th century rural Louisianans the LSU Rural Life Museum sends guests back in time to experience the lifestyles and life-ways of these remarkable people. Explore the largest collection of artefacts and architecture from the period, all in a safe, outdoor rural landscape.

Premium Shore Excursions
The Ultimate Cajun Adventure

The Cajun culture of Louisiana’s Mississippi River Region is one of the most enduring and unique traditions of the American South. The Creole spirit is also alive and well in southern Louisiana: a unique blend of French, Spanish, African-American, and Native American cultures. Today, Cajun and Creole lifestyles endure within the region’s local flavour and iconic cuisine. Our tour today will take us on an airboat adventure, offer a glimpse back in time, and trace the history of southern Louisiana’s Cajun and Creole cultures, including their traditional ways of living—and, of course, their mouth-watering food!

We arrive in the morning at Atchafalaya Basin Landing and Marina for an airboat tour through the swamp with a local, born-on-the-bayou guide manning the helm. Our Cajun captain will share some history of the area from the deep swamplands where he was raised. You will never feel as up-close-and-personal with the exotic wetland wildlife as when our captain beckons gators up alongside our boat using French Creole.

Following our airboat tour, we will indulge in some down-home cuisine at Pont Breaux’s Cajun Restaurant, one of the top Cajun restaurants in southern Louisiana. The lunch buffet includes such local culinary favourites as fried chicken, fried catfish, mashed potatoes and gravy, fried okra, and of course, the official state cuisine of Louisiana, gumbo! After lunch, you can join in the traditional Cajun dances or just kick back, digest, and enjoy the charming atmosphere.

Our next stop is one of the highlights of the tour. Vermilionville Historic Village is a living history museum where visitors are invited to experience the authentic eighteenth-century day-to-day lifestyle. In addition to Native Americans and people of African descent, Vermilionville also celebrates the ethnic group that came to be known as the Cajuns—French colonists from eastern Canada who immigrated to Louisiana after the Seven Years’ War in the mid-1700s. Here, docents dressed in period-accurate clothing will tell the story of the region’s cultural heritage, in addition to putting on demonstrations of how the Cajuns lived using resources available during that era. After touring the picturesque village at our leisure and partaking in some historical crafts and tours, we will return to our vessel, as time returns to the present.

All shore excursions, prices, and information are subject to change without notice.

Transportation: Provided
Duration: 8.5 hours

Day 9: Nottoway Plantation

EXCLUSIVE PORT: Nottoway is the South’s largest, most glorious remaining antebellum mansion, with a rich history dating back to 1859. In a fabulous location along the Great River Road, this White Castle of the South transports visitors back to an era of glory and grandeur. Set among a natural backdrop of vibrant gardens and 200-year-old oak trees, the mansion boasts three floors and 64 rooms, and flaunts an incredible 22 white square columns. The most popular room among guests is the White Ballroom, which is painted entirely in white with elaborate gold décor throughout. Rooms are trimmed in custom plaster frieze, made from Spanish moss, clay, plaster and mud, and are all original to the house. As if that weren’t enough, this immaculate mansion was constructed with 365 openings – one for each day of the year. Nottoway Plantation captivates all with a brilliant blend of true Southern hospitality, history and mystery.

Included Shore Excursions
Enjoy an included tour of Nottoway Plantation, the South’s largest remaining antebellum mansion. This stunning historical plantation lies between Baton Rouge and New Orleans and offers a view of a truly grand plantation. The mansion flaunts three-floors, 64-bedrooms, and displays an incredible 22 white square columns which contribute to its’ nickname—“The White Castle of Louisiana.” The most popular room among guests is the White Ballroom, which is painted entirely in white and displays elaborate gold décor throughout. Rooms are trimmed in custom plaster frieze made from Spanish moss, clay, plaster, and mud and are all original to the house. And as if that weren’t enough, this immaculate mansion was constructed with 365 openings—one for each day of the year. Enjoy a guided walking tour of an American Castle as we explore within the pristine walls of Nottoway followed by a stroll through the lush grounds and gardens.
Premium Shore Excursions
Oak Alley Plantation Tour

Disembark the vessel, as we make our way across the levee, heading through the sugarcane fields, making our way to one of the south’s most prestigious and iconic plantations, Oak Alley Plantation.

A powerful testimony to the rich history of the antebellum south, Oak Alley Plantation invites visitors to explore all facets of her plantation past. This immaculate home was constructed during the height of the sugar industries success in America. The breathtaking Greek-Revival home got its name from the most distinguishing feature, a quarter-mile walkway lined in 300-year-old live oak trees spanning from the levees of the Mississippi River to the entrance of the home. As you explore, discover the history of Jacques and Celina Roman, the plantation owners, whose rich and lavish lifestyle drastically changed over the years they resided in the mansion.

As you make your way around the grounds, make a stop at the authentic slave cabins, gardens, and a blacksmith’s shop, or grab a refreshing mint julep and soak in the scenery which is both breathtaking and overwhelming.

Be certain to explore the Plantation Gift Shop to choose the perfect souvenir of your adventure before we make our way back to the dock of the vessel.

Transportation: Provided
Duration: 3.5 hours


Enjoy a true Cajun experience in the back bayous and swamps of Louisiana. Leaving Nottoway Resort in our rear view, our local guide will discuss the affluent southern Louisiana lifestyle during the era when sugarcane reigned. As we arrive in La Place, Louisiana, home to the 250-acre, privately owned Manchac Swamp, prepare for an unforgettable journey. For the next hour and a half, our knowledgeable Cajun captain will guide us through these tranquil waters. See moss-draped cypress trees and lush vegetation, and even come within feet of jumping alligators, as we travel the meandering waters of this incredible ecosystem.

Day 10: New Orleans, LA

Arrival 8:00 AM
Thank you for cruising with us! We hope that you had a memorable experience and look forward to welcoming you aboard in the future. Enjoy New Orleans at your leisure or consider a Post-Cruise Premium Shore Excursion with transfer to the airport for your flight back to the UK.

Premium Shore Excursions
Post-Cruise: New Orleans Highlights Tour

Embark on an adventure through a city radiating an eccentric and authentic atmosphere and filled to the brim with history and culture close to the heart of America. Explore the history of New Orleans including the first settlers, religion, culture and Mardi Gras. On an exclusive New Orleans narrated driving tour, you will experience the city from an intimate first-person perspective. Relax in the comfort of our motorcoach as we glide past some of the most iconic attractions in the city including the French Quarter, Jackson Square and the Garden District, where elegant mansions stand as a testament to Greek revival, Italianate and Queen Anne Victorian styles. Then, we will travel down St. Charles Avenue, along the famous street car line, where New Orleans’ most prestigious and beautiful colleges, Tulane University and Loyola University are located.

Continue the day in New Orleans’ breathtaking City Park, a 400-acre park located in uptown between St. Charles Avenue and the Mississippi River, built on the site of the 1884 World’s Fair. Here, we will take a short break to relax and soak in the awe inspiring scenery of “The Big Easy,” as you are treated to a complimentary coffee and a New Orleans’ signature Morning Call beignet. No trip to New Orleans would be complete without a stop at St. Louis Cemetery # 3, known better as the “The City of the Dead,” which is where we will conclude our exclusive journey through the city of New Orleans!

Note: Our Experience ends at New Orleans International Airport at 12:30 PM or at the official Post-Cruise City Stay Hotel at 1:00 PM.

All shore excursions, prices, and information are subject to change without notice.

Transportation: Provided
Duration: 4 hours


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2-night Pre-cruise Hotel Stay+

Premium City Highlights Tour (Embarkation Day)+


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Unlimited WiFi

Bicycles* and Hiking Sticks

Live, Daily Onboard
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